A bit more about me...


I am currently a Marie Curie fellow at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden). 

I completed my PhD studies in Chemistry, which was based on potentiometric ion- selective electrodes, at the University of Murcia in Spain (2010-2014). On the basis of novel fundamental studies, a wide range of analytical applications were demonstrated, with the monitoring of polluted water remediation processes, enzymatic assays, foodstuffs analysis and ions detection in sweat in the foreground. My PhD work received two awards, including the best PhD in Chemistry 2014 (University of Murcia) and the best PhD in Analytical Chemistry 2015 (Spanish Society of Analytical Chemistry). 

My postdoctoral career is divided in two periods: from 2014 to 2017 at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in the group of Prof. Eric Bakker, and then, up to date, at KTH (Sweden) hosted by the group of Ass. Prof. Crespo. My studies were first focused on ion-selective membranes interrogated by potentiometry and voltammetry for different analytical purposes, highlighting: the use of thin layer membranes for the simultaneous detection of cations in blood, exhaustive analysis of halides in natural waters and the detection of species related to carbon and nitrogen cycles in seawater using submersible probes. Mycurrent research interests include the development of voltammetry (nano)sensors, light-driven smart sensors and submersible probes to monitor agricultural catchments. 

I have published more than 50 papers in prestigious international journals. 

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I have been awarded by competitive grants and fundings (Spanish Government, SNF in Switzerland, Wenner-Gren Foundation and European Union) as well as important prizes (Swiss Chemical Society and International Society of Electrochemistry).

I love teaching at university level but also I like when I have the opportunity to bring science to kids' classes. The Marie Curie project is a unique opportunity to combine my research with teaching activities.

I finish this project with my own 'professional picture'. It is always good to put a face to written words...